Education Seminars -

Cyber Threat - Protecting yourself from Hackers

When & Where

When: March 26th 2019

Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Where: Passage to India

Address: 520 Race St, Harrisburg, PA

Cyber Threat - Protecting yourself from Hackers

Bhaskar Gupta, Andrew Cappucci

Education Seminars

Education Seminars are a series of mini education forums organized by AIACPA to raise awareness and knowledge about topics that are important in our community. The topics are selected based on popularity and impact to the members in the community. The AIACPA Management team identifies the best speaker on the topic from within the region or outside that is an expert in the topic and holds unbased views. Additionally, AIACPA does not endorse the content or the views of the presenter, rather provides a forum for the community to learn from the experts and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Some areas of seminars in the past include - Information Technology, Personal Finance, Will and Estate Planning, Insurance Options, Medical Health - Navigating the Hospital, Heart, Mind, Eyes, Cancer, Strokes, Exercising, Healthy Diet, etc.

AIACPA will plan 4 mini quarterly seminars in 2019:

  • Cyber Threat - Protecting yourself from hackers, by Bhaskar Gupta and Andrew Cappucci