AIACPA Membership

Please support your community and make it stronger by becoming a member.

Membership Fee:

  • Annual Member: $50.00

  • Life Member: $500.00

  • Senior Citizens: $250.00

* membership fees are since January 2008* senior citizens are anyone over 65 years* membership includes one primary member and their spouse/partner

Membership is important to show community strength, solidarity and support. We request you to consider becoming a member of AIACPA and avail the benefits.

Why should I join AIACPA?

As a nonprofit organization AIACPA has been dedicated to enriching the lives of Asian Americans and the larger community for more than two decades. Our efforts have spanned issues from humanitarian efforts, helping with global disasters, raising funds for the undeserved. And, while most of our work in uniting and promoting the community has been behind the scenes, all AIACPA members benefit from having a strong, united front for Asian Americans in Central Pennsylvania. As a part of AIACPA you will also be a contributing member of an organization that brings spectacular entertainment, meaningful education seminars, productive networking, and engaging conversations with our state leaders.

Apart from making a difference in your community, other benefits of being a paid AIACPA member include,

    1. Free admission to Annual Membership dinners Meeting (including spouse)

    2. Free admission to AIACPA annual seminars (including spouse)

    3. Free admission to AIACPA mini seminars

    4. Networking opportunities with local, state, US, and business leadership

    5. Guidance and support during personal situations

    6. A feeling of community belongingness

    7. Eligible to become AIACPA Board member

Membership Types:

AIACPA provides two types of memberships for you to show your support to the community and get involved in the community.

    • Lifetime Membership - a onetime payment that will provide you with a lifetime of benefits and you will not need to pay again. Additionally, you and your spouse/partner will be given special invitations like Annual General Body Meetings and other AIACPA organized events.

    • Annual Membership - a one year premium membership to AIACPA organization receiving all the above benefits (listed above) for the year of your membership for you and your spouse/partner. The membership date will commence of the date of the letter (which is after receiving a completed form, check and AIACPA Board approval).

Senior citizens (older than 65 years of age) may receive a 50% discount towards their membership fees.