2020 Program & Events

2020 AIACPA Events

3/4/2020 Seminar: Impact of Secure Act on Taxes, Estate and Retirement Planning

3/8/2020 WEBINAR: Coronavirus- A review and update for the community

4/1/2020: Formed Supportcenteralpa.org

4/5/2020: 200 masks were stitched by local community ladies

4/10/2020: Food delivered to Geisinger

4/12/2020: Webinar: Covid-19 Tests,

4/15/2020: Food delivered to Healthcare Geisinger Camp Hill

4/21/2020: Food delivered to UPMC Westshore

4/24/2020 Webinar: Living Will & Healthcare Power

4/28/2020: Food delivered to UPMC

4/28/2020 Webinar: General Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament

5/5/2020 Webinar: Types of trusts

5/13/2020: Food delivered to PSU

5/16/2020: India Day Virtual entertainment show

6/21/2020: India Day Tribute to Healthcare Provider

6/28/2020: Educational Seminar: Eye Safety and Precaution

7/18/2020: India Day Presents Talent Show 2020

8/15/2020: India Day, Celebrating Cultural Diversity of India

8/26/2020: Distribution of the Trophies

9/23/2020: Educational Seminar: Refinancing, Home Equity, and Mortgage

Other Community Events

  • Most of events are cancelled due to Covid 19 restriction

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