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India Day 2008

Annual Dinner and Gala 2008


Education Seminar 2009

India Day 2009

Annual Dinner and Gala 2009


Education Seminar 2010

India Day 2010

Annual Dinner and Gala 2010

Annual Dinner and Gala Brochure 2010


Education Seminar 2010

India Day 2010

Annual Dinner and Gala 2010


Education Seminar 2012

India Day 2012

Annual Dinner and Gala 2012


Education Seminar 2013

India Day 2013

Annual Dinner and Gala 2013


Education Seminar 2014

India Day 2014

Annual Dinner and Gala 2014


Education Seminar 2015

India Day 2015

Annual Dinner and Gala 2015

Photo Album 2015


Education Seminar 2016

India Day 2016

Annual Dinner and Gala 2016


Education Seminar 2017

India Day 2017

Annual Dinner and Gala 2017


25th Year Anniversary Brochure


Jan - Memorial Services for Victims of Terrorism

March 26 - Seminars: Cyber Threat-protecting your information online

March - Seminar: Health care & General Power of Attorney

April 4, Sponsors Recognition Reception

April 24, Yearly meeting with Asian Indian Organization leaders

May 8, Kavi Sammelan

May 11th, OCI/visa camp by NY Indian Consulate

May 18th Education Seminars: Tax reform and its impact

June Business Diversity Forum

Aug 3rd, India Day, A community Fair

Oct 2nd: Mahatma Gandhiji 150th Birthday celebration

Nov 5th, Seminar: Preserving your wealth trust & management

Nov 8th: Diwali party with Penn State Student

Dec 8th: Annual Gala & Entertainment Evening

Dec 10th, Seminar: Will and/ or Trust


3/4/2020 Seminar: Impact of Secure Act on Taxes, Estate and Retirement Planning

3/8/2020 WEBINAR: Coronavirus- A review and update for the community

4/1/2020 Formed

4/5/2020 200 masks were stitched by local community ladies

4/10/2020 Food delivered to Geisinger

4/12/2020 Webinar: Covid-19 Tests,

4/15/2020 Food delivered to Healthcare Geisinger Camp Hill

4/21/2020 Food delivered to UPMC Westshore

4/24/2020 Webinar: Living Will & Healthcare Power

4/26/2020 Virtual Live Entertainment meeting

4/28/2020 Food to UPMC

4/28/2020 Webinar: General Power of Attorney, Last Will and Testament

5/5/2020 Webinar: Types of trusts

5/13/2020 Food to PSU

5/16/2020 India Day Virtual entertainment show

6/21/2020 India Day Tribute to Healthcare Provider

6/28/2020 Educational Seminar: Eye Safety and Precaution

7/18/2020 India Day Presents Talent Show 2020

8/15/2020 India Day, Celebrating Cultural Diversity of India

8/26/2020 Distribution of the Trophies

9/23/2020 Educational Seminar: Refinancing, Home Equity, and Mortgage

10/11/2020 Annual General Body Meeting, Presentation, Meeting Minutes