Who we are

About Asian Indian Americans of Central Pennsylvania (AIACPA)

Asian Indian Americans of Central Pennsylvania (AIACPA) were founded in 1991 and became fully operational in 1993. It is a nonpartisan, secular and a nonprofit organization created with following five objectives:

    1. Create, promote and encourage a forum to maintain the social and cultural heritage of the Indians of Asian origin residing in the United States of America.

    2. Provide a congenial environment and open forum for social, cultural, professional and literary well-being of the Americans of the Asian Indian descent.

    3. Actively participate in social and need oriented community organizations and programs.

    4. Promote harmonious relations between Indians of Asian origins and Americans, and between the countries of India and the U.S.

    5. Educate and encourage participation by Americans of Asian Indian descent in the democratic process of the United States of America.

AIACPA is an association of individuals who trace their origin to the subcontinent of India. As an organization, AIACPA is a non-partisan/secular association which does not support any political ideology; rather the organization is interested in the democratic process of the country (USA). The Association undertakes several social and cultural activities and initiatives as well. It promotes the interests of Asian Indians and actively works to make the elected officials and policy makers aware of issues and concerns that affect the overarching Asian Indian community.

AIACPA is a proud thread in the fabric of Central Pennsylvania, the state, and USA. Along with serving the interests of Asian Indian community, we actively participates in issues/concerns of the local community, Keystone State, and the nation. On an annual basis AIACPA undertakes several activities to promote this important goal.

AIACPA hopes to spread friendship and understanding between the country of our heritage (India) and our adopted country...... (United States of America). India and America have so much in common. Both countries profess the same core values: functioning democracy, freedom of press, religious freedom, individual liberty, separation of religion and state, primacy of family in the social order. This commonality helps lay the foundation and explains well why these two countries are such natural allies in the world affairs. AIACPA cherishes this and promotes this commonality.

About the Asian Indian Families in South Central Pennsylvania

Asian Indian community strongly believes in community integration and majority of the population are economically and financially stable, thereby not dependent on the welfare and other social service benefits from the Government.

The community is one of the strongest with over 25 established and registered organizations with Indian descent that helps further build communities of affiliations based on region, religion, sports, music and other focal areas.

The community of Asian Indians believe in peace, patriotic love for USA and India, and participate in the democratic process.