Annual General Body Meeting

Only for paid AIACPA Members


Meeting Minutes


When & Where

When: Sunday, October 11, 2020

Time: 4:30 PM

Where: Virtual Meeting

Proposed By laws Amendments:

A/ Change Section 2 of Article X to read: Executive Financial Officer (EFO). The Board shall appoint an EFO for 5 years (max 10 years) to be responsible along with president and Treasurer to insure all legal and tax related documents are submitted to state and Federal agencies on a timely basis. The EFO will help treasurer in bills to pay & collect, maintain membership roster and other responsibilities assigned by Board/ Chair/ and president. EFO would be part of AIACPA Executive and authorized to sign documents.

B/ Replace last sentence of Article VII – 1 to read

“The outgoing President, the Chair of Advisory Council, and the Executive Financial Officer (EFO) shall be part of Board’s Executive Team along with president, vice president, treasurer & secretary.”

About Annual General Body Meeting (AGM)

This is a closed event and invitations are extended to only the paid AIACPA members.

The AGM is an annual event for the AIACPA Management to share the progress of activities in a year and seek approval from the members on the upcoming plan.

Proposed Agenda:

  • Welcome

  • Financial Report

  • Reflection of 2020

  • Future Plans/ Directions

  • Election of New Directors for the Board

For more information call MG Patel at 717-728-2929 or Viren Trivedi 717-756-1034