Personal Support

Become a personal supporter

AIACPA allows members from the community to become involved in many ways. We understand that some members would like to extend their support either by becoming a member or a sponsor. There are some that would like to provide your solidarity by making personal or family contributions.

There are two categories where this can be provided:

  • Recognition - if you would like your or your family's name to reach to the Asian Indian families, and the bigger community for some of your accomplishments or recognition, AIACPA provides a forum for it to happen.

  • Anonymous Contributions - if you truly believe in giving back to the community and agree with the work that AIACPA is doing in selfless community service, but you do not want your name to be published or community to know, AIACPA provides a forum for it to happen.

In either of the two scenarios, please reach out to us at and someone from the Management team will be in touch with you to discuss the options and plans to gain your trust and confidence.

We thank all our personal contributors and supporters over the years.