What we do

What has AIACPA done for the community?

AIACPA has been active since 1993. One of our biggest achievements has been to squarely place the Asian Indian community of the Central Pennsylvania area on the political and social map of Pennsylvania and the United States of America. The Founding Members of AIACPA have worked hard to ensure Asian Indians are treated equally both as professionals and individuals. This is a big change from the times when founding members immigrated to America. These members still reflect on the hard time they encountered in getting bank loans, realtors not showing homes in ‘good’ neighborhoods, or enjoyed a sense of ‘belonging’. Today, Asian Indians have cultivated a reputation for professionalism, high levels of education attainment, entrepreneurship, and charity. Examples of how AIACPA has worked to improve the image of Asian Indian Community in Central Pennsylvania include (but are not limited to):

AIACPA truly believes in Community service and has driven the vision for over 25 years. Some of key accomplishments include:

    1. Bringing educational and political awareness to the community on important issues;

    2. Sponsoring Industry delegations to and from Pennsylvania;

    3. Uniting and fundraising during natural disasters;

    4. Educating the local Central Pennsylvania community about Indian culture and tradition;

    5. Partnering with other communities for mutual understanding and benefits;

    6. Teaching and spreading principles of nonviolence;

    7. Providing timely needed important information to the Asian Indian community;

    8. Helped assemble and insure Pennsylvania delegations success to/in India .

    9. Promoting harmonious relations between Asian Indians and the broader community and assist new immigrants integrate and assimilate.

Delivering Results in Central Pennsylvania