Vendor Information and Registration

Dear Vendor,

Thank you for being a part of the India Day, A community Fair. We look forward to seeing you at the fair.

Please read the instructions very carefully. Contact for any questions you may have.

General Instructions:

  1. GPS Address: 1 HACC Dr., Harrisburg PA 17110

  2. Refer to directions in the image below to the Registrations Booth

  3. Registration will start at 7:00AM

  4. Booth Numbers are assigned and will be given to you at the time of Registration

  5. Vehicular access to booths will close at 9:00AM

  6. Unload and move your vehicle quickly to allow other vendors to do the same.

  7. AIACPA volunteers will guide you to your booth.

  8. There is NO designated/assigned parking for vendors.

  9. Please be prepared for inclement weather and bring any covers for your merchandise as you see fit.

  10. If you requested for electric outlet

    1. One 15Amp outlet will be provided per requested outlet

    2. Use only for small appliances and not for cooking

    3. Bring extension cord (25-50 ft cord recommended)

    4. Bring any power strip if needed

    5. All electrical appliances, plugs, extensions must be properly secured and taped

  11. There is no wifi provided by AIACPA. Please use your own cellular devices for any credit card processing or for any other need for internet.

Remember to bring:

  1. It is recommended to carry bug spray, due to lots of greenery and vegetation at the campus.

  2. Table covers, decoration items, business cards, banner, stand, etc. for your booth.

  3. Supplies such as tape, stapler, clips, pins, bags, power strips, extension cables, etc.

  4. Credit card processing equipment in case you wish to accept credit cards.

  5. Enough change (dollar bills) for collecting payments in cash.

Additional Instructions for Food Vendors:

  1. Price List (Menu) in large font. This must be displayed in front of the booth.

b. Food items in enough quantity.

c. All needed chafing dishes, plates, cups/bowls, napkins, spoons, forks, boxes, bags, table covers, decorations banner, etc. and any other supplies that you may need to serve your customers.

d. Any extra tables, food warmers, etc.

e. In case of live food cooking, your own table/stand for cooking, enough gas cylinder supply, etc.

f. Container for water for cooking needs

g. Ice and Ice cooler, if you need for your own use.

h. Fire extinguisher for any emergency.

i. Please remember, you are not allowed to use electric connection provided for cooking.

Thank you and we look forward to a very successful India Day Fair. We wish you the very best.

2022 India Day - Vendor Pkg.pdf