Robotics (PowerPlay) Information and Registration

Want to learn more about robotics? Come and join us on India day and run robot on the field.

Cryptic Chronology

India Day Robotics Challenge


STEM is an evolving field in the world, and to showcase the skills of our community, the challenge is meant for kids to show how they use science and technology


  1. Age group is 7 and above

  2. 2-4 students per group and 1 adult supervising

  3. Robot must fit within a 12”x12”x12” box

  4. A written portfolio must be submitted two weeks before India Day.

  5. If you don’t have a robot, that’s fine, register to compete with a robot that will be there on that day


  1. Go through and order the blocks in chronological order of when the events took place.

  2. Then navigate to the finish with the block with the flag and place it.

  3. Be the fastest to earn more points


  1. 4 ft by 8 ft space required

  2. 8 Blocks(8”x4”x4”) similar to ones shown on top right

  3. 6 Blocks(2”x2”x2”) similar to one on bottom right

  4. One flag

  5. Tape or markers to label blocks. Colors are: Orange, White, Green, Red, Blue

  6. Images shown on the web page


  1. India’s Independence August 15, 1947

  2. Mohandas Gandhi begins 241-mile civil disobedience march

  3. India successfully joins nuclear club with their success in Pokhran Base

  4. Bhāratīya Saṃvidhāna was put into place

  5. India lift the cricket world cup for the first time


  • There will be one zone and you will start with the five time blocks and one flag block.

  • You will bring them back to the original base.

  • You will then organize either with the color sensor(5+ points) or image sensing(10+ points) to organize them correctly (3+ points for each one that is correct), after sorting you will proceed to go through track and place the flagged block at the end(5+ points).

  • There will be a seven minute timer and each minute that is not used gets 2+ points.\

Field Overview